Retro Style Fridge Freezers

retro style fridge freezers

    retro style
  • Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall postmodern past, but have since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again.

retro style fridge freezers - Native Union

Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro POP Handset for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android Phones - Soft Touch - Dark Blue

Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro POP Handset for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android Phones - Soft Touch - Dark Blue

Designed by the French designer David Turpin the POP handset combines classic style with a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft-touch texture. The handset has been manufactured with a high quality speaker and microphone. Can be used for VOIP computer telephone calls (Skype, Google Talk). This product is fitted with a 3.5mm jack (compatible with the iPhone). Improved call comfort. Allows access to phone functions when making calls. Eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation. Turns your tablet computer into a telephone via Skype or VOIP applications. Supplied with a 3.5mm plug

Developed by renowned French designer David Turpin, the MoshiMoshi 01H Retro Handset combines high style with high functionality, uniting the comfort and safety of a handset telephone with the convenience of the mobile phone. The chic design combines classic style with modern elegance, resulting in a fashionable and comfortable handset finished with a soft luxurious texture.
Native Union Moshi Retro Handset colors
Turn back the clock with the MoshiMoshi 01H Retro Handset--available in an assortment of colors. Click here for a larger image.
Key Features
Compatible with all 3.5mm jack mobile phones and computers, including iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and the latest MacBooks.
One touch button for convenient pick-up/hang-up directly from the handset (not all mobile phone support function).
Noise-reducing technology for a crisp and polished sound.
Luxurious soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort and feel.
Eliminates up to 99 percent of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of mobile phones.
Unparalleled Conversation Comfort
The MoshiMoshi 01H Retro Handset is specially designed to transform any type of smart-phone/mobile-phone into a comfortable and convenient conversation device. The ergonomic design provides incomparable comfort, making the mobile phone practical for any type of conversation in any type of environment.
Native Union Moshi Retro Handset in blue
The Moshi Retro Handset in blue.
The ability to leave the mobile phone untouched while talking allows the user to enjoy the convenience of utilizing all other functions of the mobile device mid-conversation, making plans, emailing, browsing the internet and access to calendars more simple than ever. The dual compatibility of the MoshiMoshi 01H not only allows the device to be plugged into mobile phones, but also computers to act as a handset for VOIP calls, making it the ultimate communication and business tool.
Compatible with all devices
Compatible with All Devices
MoshiMoshi 01H Retro Handset is compatible with all 3.5mm jack phones and computers, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, MacBook and iPad. When fitted with the proper adaptor (sold separately) it is compatible with all mobile phones and computers for VOIP computer telephone calls, including Skype and Google Talk.
Eliminating 99 Percent of Radiation
While the debate about potentially harmful mobile phone radiation and the heath-related consequences rages on, Native Union has already offered a solution to the risk with the MoshiMoshi 01H Retro Handset. Native Union offers state of the art technology in the high quality speaker and microphone ensures a polished sound while the design eliminates 99 percent of harmful mobile phone radiation.
Using Your MoshiMoshi Retro Handset
Step 1 STEP 1. You need to refer to the attached adapter table to check which adapter is needed to connect your mobile phone to your MoshiMoshi handset. If your mobile phone doesn't require an adapter, please proceeed directly to step 3.
Step 2 STEP 2. Plug the corresponding adapter to the 3.5mm jack end of your MoshiMoshi (optional, please check on the adapter list to see if your phone needs it).
Step 3 STEP 3. You can now securely plug your Mosshi Moshi into the hands-free port of your mobile phone (please refer to your mobile phone's instruction manual to locate this port).

85% (13)

Retro Pearl Burgundy and Chardonnay Eyeglass Chain

Retro Pearl Burgundy and Chardonnay Eyeglass Chain

Retro rings in a hue of creamy ivory are joined by bronze chain links and beautiful pearls in shades of burgundy and chardonnay in this handmade eyeglass chain.

The strand is made with smooth beads at the nape for the comfort of the wearer and decorative beads at the ends to show off a sense of style while keeping eyeglasses easily in reach.

30.5" from tip to tip - 77.5 cm

140/365 How to Be a Domestic Goddess

140/365 How to Be a Domestic Goddess

Colour co-ordinate with your surroundings....

(and your cakes - see below)

retro style fridge freezers

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