Forane Refrigerant

forane refrigerant

  • any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)

  • causing cooling or freezing; "a refrigerant substance such as ice or solid carbon dioxide"

  • (refrigeration) the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes

  • Causing cooling or refrigeration

  • An archpriest is a priest with supervisory duties over a number of parishes. The term is most often used in Eastern Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholic Churches, although it may be used in the Latin rite of the Roman Catholic Church instead of dean or vicar forane.

St. Andrew's Forane Church, Arthunkal

St. Andrew's Forane Church, Arthunkal

The official name of Arthunkal church is St. Andrew's Forane Church. Portuguese first re-built it using wood and stone in the name of "Santha Anthrose" (Saint Andrews) in the place where the thatched shed was situated. It was in 30th November 1581. The first vicar was Fr. Gasper Pius of the Jesuit order.

It was in 1584 the church was rebuilt to accommodate more devotees the then vicar Fr. Jacoma Fenicio. Fr. Jacoma Fenicio was an extra ordinary priest. It is believed that Fr. Fenicio had magical powers to heal and people of all walks of life flocked to the church in search of his blessings. Fr. Fenicio died of 1632. His tomb is still preserved in the old church that stands nearby. Fr. Fenicio was known as "Arthunkal Veluthachan" In Malayalam it means fair skinned father. In the year 1640 Arthunkal church was again rebuilt this time it was built to face west. It was in 1647 AD the present idol of St. Sebastian brought to this church from Milan of Italy. In 1829 the Carmelite order took over the charge of the church from Jesuit fathers.

Heading towards eternity

Heading towards eternity

"Christ will always accept the faith the puts its trust in Him."
Andrew Murray

The annual fair of the St. Andrews Forane Chuch at Arthunkal near Alappuzha is held in the month of January. This ten-day festival held in the name of St. Sebastian is attended by thousands of devotees from all parts of the State.

They express their thankfulness by crawling on their knees from the nearby beach to the church. On the last day, a grand religious procession is taken out from the church to the nearby beach.

forane refrigerant

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